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Good Night Alive! consists of five guys currently taking up residence in Middle Georgia. A frontman with his brother on drums hailing from the coast of Mississippi, a guitarist rising from the sand dunes of lakeshore Indiana, and the bass and keys straight from the Peach State have come together from distinct and different musical backgrounds to create a unique sound. From the punk/metal garage bands of youth to the Sunday morning stage, the guys of Good Night Alive are looking forward to a future of sharing their jams with any and everyone. The frequent flow of bands such as Grouplove and The Naked and Famous from their speakers influences their sound; By creating music that delivers a blend of organic and electronic sounds, Good Night Alive will both engage and startle your senses. The band is currently in and out of the studio in Nashville working on an upcoming EP. You can be sure that the melodies brought to you by these guys will strike a chord (literally and figuratively) that simultaneously evokes a need for inner reflection and ignite your desire to dance. When these upbeat tunes invade your mind and start playing relentlessly on repeat, don't fight the feeling.