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For use of GLAM in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:GLAM. Glam is a shortened form of the word glamour. Glam or GLAM may also refer to: GLAM (industry sector), an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums, the cultural heritage institutions, Glam Media, a life-style related Web company, Groupe de Liaisons Aériennes Ministérielles, a unit of the French Air Force, between 1945 and 1995, People: Moshe Glam (born 1970), Israeli footballer and a football manager, Rami Glam (born 1978), former Israeli footballer, Glamourina (born 1988), fashion stylist, Music: Glam (album), by Mouse on Mars, Glam rock, a style of rock and pop music, Glam metal, a sub-genre of heavy metal music, Glam punk, a genre that mixes elements of glam rock with protopunk or punk rock, "Glam", a song by Christina Aguilera from Bionic, GLAM, a South Korean girl group

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license