New Zealand born singer-songwriter Gin Wigmore released her first EP in 2009 . The EP peaked at number ten in the New Zealand charts. It was certified Platinum in New Zealand on 2 May 2010, selling over 15,000 copies.
In 2013 Wigmore released her album "Gravel& Wine" in the US. The first singles from this album is "Man Like That" and "If Only". Wigmore's single "Black Sheep" appeared in episode 12, season 8 of television series Grey's Anatomy, and in episode 2, season 2 of Teen Wolf.Wigmore made a guest appearance singing on "Gift of Revenge", a segment of ABC's television show Revenge . Also airing during season 2 of Teen Wolf was the song Kill of the Night, which is more recently featured on the TV show 666 Park Avenue as well as the theme song for the cable channel AMC 's annual airing of Halloween movies and shows titled FearFest. "Man Like That" is the song used in the James Bond Skyfall tie-in spot from Heineken, Wigmore herself is seen performing the song towards the end of it.