Gillespie is both a masculine given name, and a surname in the English language. It is an Anglicised form of the Irish language Mac Giolla Easpaig and the Scottish Gaelic Mac Gille Easbuig, which are patronymic forms of a byname which means "servant of the bishop". In Ireland the Gillespie sept originated in Donegal while in Scotland the Gillespie name came from Lennox. Other forms of the name include Gillaspie and Gillispie. Contents 1 Given name, 2 Surname, 3 Places, 4 Other, 5 References, Given name: See also: Gilleasbaig , Surname: Gillespie A. Arnold Gillespie (1899-1978), American cinema special effects artist, Aaron Gillespie (born 1983), American rock singer & drummer, Alastair Gillespie (born 1922), Canadian politician, Alessa Gillespie, character from the Silent Hill series, Archibald H. Gillespie (1810-1873), officer in the United States Marine Corps, Bill Gillespie, Canadian journalist and author, Billy Gillespie (1891-1981), Irish football (soccer) player, Bobby Gillespie (born 1964), Scottish rock and roll musician, Brock Gillespie (born 1983), professional basketball player, Craig Gillespie (born 1967), Australian film director, Dahlia Gillespie, character from the Silent Hill series, Dan Gillespie, mathematical chemist, Dan Gillespie Sells (born 1979), English singer, Dana Gillespie (born 1949), British actress and singer, Darlene Gillespie (born 1941), Mousekateer born in Canada, David Gillespie, Australian rugby league footballer, Dean M. Gillespie (1884-1949), American politician, Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993), American jazz musician, Earl Gillespie (1922-2003), American sportscaster, Ed Gillespie (born 1962), American lobbyist, Gary Gillespie (born 1960), Scottish footballer, George Gillespie (1613-1648), Scottish theologian, George Lewis Gillespie, Jr. (1841-1913), US Army officer, Gina Gillespie (born 1951), American actress, Jacqueline Pascarl-Gillespie (born 1963), Australian author, James Gillespie (c.1747-1805), American politician, Jason Gillespie (born 1975), Australian cricketer, John H. Gillespie, American evolutionary biologist, Keith Gillespie (born 1975), Northern Irish footballer, Kevin Gillespie (disambiguation), Margaret V. Gillespie (born 1969), American politician, Mark Gillespie (disambiguation), Mike Gillespie (disambiguation), Mitch Gillespie, American politician, Nick Gillespie (born 1963), American editor & political writer, Paul Gillespie (1920-1970), Major League Baseball catcher, Robert Gillespie, Ronald Gillespie (born 1924), Canadian chemist, Ross Gillespie (born 1935), New Zealand hockey player, Shaun Gillespie, Canadian politician & new wave musician, Steven Gillespie (born 1985), English footballer, Stuart Gillespie (born 1957), New Zealand cricketer, Thomas Gillespie (disambiguation), William Gillespie (disambiguation), Gillaspie Conor Gillaspie (born 1987), American baseball player, Kayne Gillaspie (born 1979), American fashion designer, Places: James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh, Scotland, Gillespie, Illinois, United States, Gillespie County, Texas, USA, Gillespie Field, a county-owned public-use airport near San Diego, California, USA, Gillespie Road, a road in Highbury, London, England, Gillespie Road Underground station, Highbury, London, England, Other: Gillespie algorithm, for solving stochastic equations, Gillespie syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, a Scottish architectural firm

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