Formed in early 2004 in Providence, RI, it didn't take very long for the five-man group Get Him Eat Him to find a label. Students at Brown University, singer and guitarist (and music journalist on the sly) Matt LeMay, bassist Joe Posner, guitarist Jason Sigal, keyboardist Raf Spielman, and drummer Jeff Wood impressed Absolutely Kosher with their brand of quirky, Ted Leo-meets-the New Pornographers-meets-the Wrens indie rock. In 2005 their debut, Geography Cones, was released and was followed by a tour (and the accompanying tour-only EPs). Spielman then split amicably from the band, but that didn't stop Get Him Eat Him from releasing their second full-length -- with the help of new keyboardist Kevin Sparks -- Arms Done (many of whose songs were found in earlier versions on the aforementioned EPs) in 2007. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi