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Official Site: | @ItsG3
Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer.....the list of titles for this talented 21 year old is almost indefinite! Born in the music's legendary Motown (Detroit, Mi) its seems almost scripted that Greg would have a passion for music. Acquiring the alias "G-3" stemming from his birth name Greg A Watkins III, he quickly became a star amongst his friends. Growing up in so many different places (Georgia, Texas, & North Carolina just to name a few) gave G-3 a more well rounded sound and outlook on music. Working with up and coming artist such as Jasmine Villegas, CJ Tate, T-Rich, etc. G was able to diversify not only his music as an artist but also become more of a well rounded producer/songwriter. Check him out on his official website at & follow him on twitter - @ItsG3!

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