Liberty or Death, also Independence or Death, is a slogan made famous during the independence struggle of several countries, notably including the United States of America, Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Ireland, and Uruguay. It can refer to: "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!", a famous quotation attributed to Patrick Henry near the start of the American Revolution., Liberty or Death (video game), a 1993 video game based on the American Revolutionary War., Liberty or Death (album), a 2007 album by the band Grave Digger., Eleftheria i thanatos, the national motto of Greece, derived from the Greek War of Independence., Liberty or Death (Bulgaria) (Свобода или смъртъ), a Bulgarian slogan used on Bulgarian revolutionary flags during and after the April Uprising of 1876., "Liberty or Death" (poem) (Свобода или смърт), a poem by Ivan Vazov., "Слобода или смрт" (sloboda ili smrt; liberty or death), a slogan of Macedonian revolutionaries from Macedonia and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization., Libertad o muerte, the national motto of Uruguay., Independence or Death, a 1888 painting of the Brazilian proclamation of independence by Pedro Américo.

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