Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking us out here. It’s been a crazy ride so far…ten years since we had a top ten hit in 2003 called “Save Me” and a major motion picture soundtrack placement “Brand new day” featured in Disney’s “Freaky Friday.”

Since then, the industry has changed dramatically and budgets got cut, tour support disappeared…and band development from majors? Forget about it.

With that said, here we are a decade later. And after two albums, we decided to take a break, following the release of “AFTERSHOCK”. Now we have all new songs and a new sound that we believe is the natural evolution for Forty Foot Echo. Elements such as synths, keys, loops and step beats all incorporated under the belly of rock. Rock is always our first choice of expression, however introducing digital elements has opened an entire new direction for us.

We have been in the studio now for the past 2 months in our hometown of Vancouver, BC finishing the new album. We are here to ask new listeners and supportive fans to to join in the process of making this album come to life.

We are independent now and the support of our fans is the lifeblood to our existence. Without you guys, all our words would be unnoticed.

God Bless.

-- Forty Foot Echo