Forte or Forté may refer to: Contents 1 Music, 2 Computing, 3 Companies, 4 Fictional characters, 5 Other uses, 6 See also, Music: Forte (music), a musical dynamic meaning "loudly" or "strong", Forte number, an ordering given to every pitch class set, Forte (notation program), a suite of musical score notation programs, Forte Drum and Bugle Corps, a Drum and Bugle Corps based in Grand Prairie, Texas, Forte Tenors, a classical crossover singing trio, Computing: Forte 4GL, a proprietary application server, Forté Agent, an email and news client used on the Windows operating system, Forte TeamWare, a family of development environments from Sun Microsystems, NetBeans IDE, formerly Forté for Java, Companies: Forté Internet Software, makers of Forté Agent, Forte Land, a large-scale real estate company in Shanghai, China, Forte Group, a former British hotel company, Forte Design Systems, a high level synthesis software company in San Jose, California, Trust House Forte, a British hotel and catering firm, Fictional characters: Forte Stollen, a character from the Galaxy Angel anime, Bass (Mega Man) or Forte, a character in Mega Man, Bass.EXE or Forte, a character from the MegaMan NT Warrior series, Forte, a character in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Other uses: Forte (surname), 8780 Forte, a main-belt minor planet, FORTE, the Fast On-orbit Rapid Recording of Transient Events satellite, Forte-class frigate, two French Navy warships French frigate Forte (1794), in service 1794-1801, , Forte (fencing), a fencing term for the "strong" part of the blade, Forte (typeface), by the Monotype Corporation included in various editions of Microsoft Office, Kia Forte, a mid-size sedan car

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