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Official Site: | @FlyPandaFly |
FLY PANDA is the illest, trillest pop group you have ever seen.  Period.  

Their sound is as fresh as a ziplock bag tucked inside a ziplock bag.  It's as if a blind chef threw every possible musical ingredient in a blender, added some vodka and came up with a high-energy, hard-hitting smoothie appropriately titled "ratchet pop."   But Fly Panda is more than just's a culture.  

FLY PANDA recently launched the #STUNT movement with its CALL ME CRAZY teaser video, which surpassed 50,000 views in a week and gained the support of bloggers and celebrities such as Perez Hilton, Far East Movement, Tyrese Gibson, Nicole Scherzinger and Greyson Chance.  

While Urban Dictionary defines "stunting" as showing off, the #STUNT movement represents much more.  FLY PANDA is spreading a message of pride, self-confidence & dreaming big, with the ultimate goal of inspiring people to believe in themselves and live without limits.  

LUKAS KA$H is the group's superstar rapper.  Growing up in Watts, California wasn't easy, but his talent and perseverance took him out of the streets and into the spotlight.  His lyrics and flow challenge any marquee rapper in today's scene and although he has the bravado of a professional wrestler, you will never hear Ka$h use curse words in his raps.  His momma taught him to keep it clean or else...       

WINTER RAE is the group's sexy rockstar chick.  Although she hails from the Midwest, Winter is about much more than just tattoos and cow-tipping.  Her massive voice can fill arenas and her swag keeps the boys wrapped around her middle finger.  A self-proclaimed bad ass, she once challenged one of the Chicago Bears offensive lineman to a drinking contest.  He still owes her $100.   

Look out for FLY PANDA coming soon to a stadium, frat party and Bar Mitzvah near you!  #STUNT