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Oakland, CA's Fleshies first launched themselves out of their dingy practice space in 1999. Banshee vocalist Johnny No Moniker led Vonny Bon Bons (bass), Mattowar (guitar), and Hamiltron (drums) into on-stage battle, leaving actual songcraft behind in favor of drunken violence and a love of loud amplifiers. While their frequent gigging didn't calm the craziness, it did focus the Fleshies' sleazy art punk enough to find some songs within the revved-up noise. Appearances on numerous compilations and split 7"s were released between gigs and tours, but a full-length wasn't available until summer 2001, when Kill the Dreamer's Dream was issued by Alternative Tentacles. A 10" picture disc for Adeline followed; naturally, both were promoted with incessant and insane live shows. In early 2003, Fleshies returned to Alternative Tentacles with The Sicilian. Nothing had changed -- typically subtle song titles like "Maelstrom of Whirling Bullshit" and "This Is the City Where All the Dirty Assholes Are Safe" proved that -- but the album provided an even tastier version of Fleshies' freaky-ass garage punk stew. Guitarist Yvan Kawecki came aboard somewhere along the way, and in early 2004, following an impressive 133 shows in 131 days, the band added a new Fleshie to their ranks, bassist Brian Plaskett, who replaced Bon Bons. An album of B-sides entitled Gung Ho! also appeared on Life Is Abuse Records before the band began work on a new record -- one that they would take their time in creating, rather than bust out in the span of a week. A year and half of being holed up in Hamiltron's Oakland studio eventually produced Scrape the Walls for Alternative Tentacles, released in June 2006. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi