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This new album due for release in the New Year 2016, has been quite a long time in the making. Those of you who have attended Fischer z concerts over the last two years would have seen these songs in development. The recordings have developed through a series of stages. John created the initial skeletons of the arrangements on his computer while he was on tour. This time the sound incorporates much more of John’s electric guitar playing as well as the usual contribution of his band members: Sam Walker, Matt Gest and Matthew Waer. Much of the studio work has been done in Rockfield Studios in Monmouth (made famous by Queen and Oasis) and Red Kite studios up in the Brecon Beacons. (There are however no sheep on this record!) The music was mixed by Nick Brine and the mastering completed by Pete Mauer. There have also been contributions by Pely in production and mixing. As usual, the new songs reflect John’s view of the world at this time. Winston, Tale of Bales and Martha Thargill are all songs that deal with political issues in terms of human stories. There seems to be a lot of content to do with love: Just Like Justice, Lorelei, Just-a-Man, Unshakeable Bluesky and Is The Love are all good examples of this. John’s continuing interest in what makes the word go round are reflected in tracks like World-Go-Round and This Is My Universe. Next year we will be focusing on personalized and boutique versions of the album. Customized to your requirements. We realize that with the revolution that has occurred in the music industry in terms of distribution and downloads has meant that peoples’ demands are now different. If you purchase a high value vinyl item from us we will therefore supply you with the CD and download for free.