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Fineprint (SOCAN) is a hip-hop trio consisting of Jon Astonish (emcee), San Miguel (guitarist/bassist), and Deejay Stutter (turntables). Based on the philosophy that the fine print in any transaction is where realness lay, this unique band/crew has brought back the realness to hip hop music with live instrumentation accompanied by reality driven personal narrative. The group's musical sound is a...n eclectic mixture influenced by jazz, funk, ska, punk, and almost everything in between. Formed in 2002, Fineprint came into being by an unmistakable feeling that this combination of guitarist, turntablist and emcee were bent on creating something new. After half a decade of weekly practice, and solid refinement of business acumen, Fineprint decided to let the world hear and feel their music. With the release of their self-titled album (2007), Fineprint garnered critical acclaim from Tokyo to Toronto. The album is currently available on I-Tunes and at various locations throughout Toronto and Japan.

Their self-titled debut LP (2007) epitomizes the fresh and edgy vibe of this trio. Lyrically, Fineprint weaves the fun and raw energy of hip hop's early years alongside relevant, yet positive narratives that any demographic can relate to. Japan retail categorized Fineprint as Jazzy Hip Hop, break beats, turntablism, genre confines the group surely exceeds. Such unbound realistic, yet relevant lyrical content was evident in Fineprint's first overseas tour in 2007. Having successfully toured Japan, from Osaka to Fukoka, the Fineprint vibe circumvented linguistic and cultural barriers to rock various crowds. After securing a distribution deal with Milkdipper records, this unique trio extended and consolidated their foreign fan base supplying hungry fans with both raw and cooked hip-hop delights.

With tight production courtesy of Deejay Stutter and San Miguel and various rhyme styles via the baritone vocals of Jon Astonish, crowds are now taking notice to what's been under the radar. Speculation aside, don't make up your mind yet if you haven't read Fineprint.