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Fielding may refer to: Fielding (cricket), the action of fielders collecting the ball in cricket, The action of fielders collecting the ball at any of the nine baseball positions, Fielding, Saskatchewan, Canada, Fielding, Utah, United States, Fielding Bradford House, Fielding Graduate University, a graduate institution in Santa Barbara, California, People: Fielding or Feilding is the surname of: Alexander Feilding, 12th Earl of Denbigh (born 1970), Amanda Feilding (born 1943), British artist, scientist and drug policy reformer, Charles Fielding or Feilding (1738-1783), British naval officer, Copley Fielding (1787-1855), English painter, Daphne Fielding (1904-1997), British author, Emma Fielding (born 1966), English actress, Fenella Fielding (born 1927), English actress, Frank Fielding (born 1988), English football goalkeeper, Fred Fielding (footballer) (1889-1918), Australian rules footballer, Fred F. Fielding (born 1939), American lawyer, Harold Fielding (1916-2003), English theatre producer, Helen Fielding (born 1958), English novelist and screenwriter, author of Bridget Jones's Diary, Henry Fielding (1707-1754), English novelist and dramatist, author of Tom Jones, Henry Barron Fielding (1805-1851), English botanist, Janet Fielding (born 1953), Australian actress, Jerry Fielding (1922-1980), American composer, conductor, and musical director, Sir John Fielding (1721-1780), English magistrate and social reformer, Joseph Fielding (1797-1863), English leader of the Latter-day Saint movement, Joy Fielding (born 1945), Canadian novelist and actress, Keith Fielding (born 1949), English rugby footballer, Sir Leslie Fielding (born 1932), British former ambassador, Mantle Fielding (1865-1941), American architect and biographical compiler, Marjorie Fielding (1892-1956), British stage and film actress, Matt Fielding, fictional character in American television series Melrose Place, Michael Fielding (born 1982), English comedian and actor, Noel Fielding (born 1973), English artist, comedian and actor, Ross Fielding (1880-1947), English footballer, Roy Fielding (born 1965), American computer scientist, one of the principal authors of the HTTP specification, Sarah Fielding (1710-1768), English novelist, Steve Fielding (born 1960), Australian senator, Susannah Fielding (born 1985), English actress, William Feilding (disambiguation), William Fielding (bowls) (c.1875-1946), New Zealand lawn bowler, Xan Fielding (1918-1991), British soldier, author, translator, journalist and traveller, Yvette Fielding (born 1968), English broadcaster, producer and actress, It is also the given name of a fictional character: Fielding Mellish, played by Woody Allen in the movie Bananas

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license