Feloni is an indie recording artist born and rasied in Detroit, MI. In 2006, she was able to garner her own episode (which airs annually) on the controversial reality documentary series "Coming Out Stories" on MTV's LogoTV. The documentary series was produced by Academy Award-winning producers, Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon. "Coming Out Stories" was created by Lauren Lazin whose first feature film, "Tupac: Resurrection" was nominated for a 2005 Academy Award. She also produced "The Last Days of Left Eye," a documentary about the life of Lisa Lopez from TLC. Lauren Lazin is also stated to be one of the creators of MTV's "Real World" reality series. This makes Feloni the first openly gay rapper to be featured on a reality series on a MTV network. In 2007, Feloni also became the first openly gay urban artist to release a hip-hop album speaking exclusively from a lesbian's perspective. Feloni has also shared the stage with the hip-hip icon, DJ Spinderella of Salt n Pepa and opened for mainstream recording artists, like Style's P, D-Block and more without having a manager, a mix tape or being co-signed by a major rapper. Unlike most new artists, Feloni achieved these goals independently, sparking an entire movement of lesbian rappers.

Read Feloni's full bio at her self-owned, indie label: www.TrakDiamondRecords.com