Formed in 2007 by veterans of the Baltimore/DC Rock scene, Fall Back Plan is on its way to the top of the regional rock food chain. Fronted by Donice Cully, this powerhouse alternative rock act is gaining recognition quickly for energetic live shows, tight song-craft, killer vocals and undeniable hooks.

FBP started in July of 2007 as a writing project between Donice, Geoff Gill (Bass) and Brian S...healey (Guitar) during a lull in their respective bands' schedules at that time. Donice was fronting The Sikes, a regional mainstay rock act and Brian and Geoff were members of the band KaliCeleste. The 3 met in 2006 when their bands would play shows together throughout Baltimore/DC.

"The name Fall Back Plan started as a joke…" says Brian Shealey, " was really just the file name in my studio for the material we started working on in July. I knew the material was good, and I felt it was far stronger than anything I had written or done in any previous projects. Donice's voice and me and Geoff's music seems like it had something special. So, I needed to name the file holding the songs, and I just jokingly said... this will be my Fall Back Plan…. About 3 months later, when we had written 10 songs or so and decided to play a show, we needed a name... we thought… damn... How about we just call it The Fall Back Plan?? Well... we know there are a ton of bands out there call 'The' something... so we shortened it to Fall Back Plan."

"We felt that we had a connection writing together; a natural chemistry and comfort at working closely together and striving to do something 'better' than what we'd all done before. It was kind of like cheating on our own bands" says Donice, "but Geoff, Brian and I were just connected to the point where we didn't want to play with other people any more, but start fresh and realize the unlimited potential of FBP. It was really hard, as The Sikes had already had a ton of radio play throughout the region on WHFS, but Brian was already filling in on guitar and not interested in joining the band, so we just started new with FBP."

When the band needed to round out the lineup, Brian and Geoff reached out to Ken Crawn, a local session drummer, and former member of KaliCeleste, Smoke and The Jordan Page Band. "After playing with several bands in the area, I knew this was the project I wanted to contribute to. All of the pieces were in place. My experience playing and writing with Brian and Geoff helped me fit right in. As far as Donice is concerned, I always admired her amazing talent, so it was a no-brainer for me to join this group."

The band entered Chesley Studios in Baltimore in October to record their debut songs, and have been mixing those tunes with Drew Mazurek at Highview studios. "I was excited to work with FBP," says Drew, "because they are open to new ideas and sounds and upon hearing the demos, I realized they are crafting guitar pop of the first order. I felt they had a solid rhythm section, creative guitar playing and sultry vocals.. think Gwen Stefani meets the Foo Fighters." FBP will release their debut record on February 1st, 2008 and will be touring nationally in support of that effort.

Additionally, FBP was selected out of hundreds of bands to perform on the National TV Show 'BackStage with Barry Nolan' in March of 2008. Other notable artists that have graced the stage of BackStage are Placebo, Train, Pat Monahan and The Click Five to name a few.