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Falease Sophae is a Hip Hop recording artist from Toledo, OH. He was born in 1991 on May 31st as Sandy Truss. He was born into a family who were very musically inclined. He spent most of his childhood around his mother's side of the family, who originally are from Camden, New Jersey. They were all singers in the choir of their church. Out of all the musicians in the family, Falease Sophae is the first and only rapper. Falease Sophae began writing poetry in 2002 that would later start transitioning into rhythmic form. During school, he loved being the center of attention & was excited when he discovered other rappers who would participate in battle raps because he felt as though he was so far ahead of the competition, and he was. Majority of his lunch hour consisted of him winning numerous battle raps against other rappers in front of large crowds of people, building up his reputation as one of the best battle rappers in his school.

During times of struggle, Sophae felt that battle rapping didn't help keep his spirit high. He began spending sleepless nights studying the whole aspect of music and what the fans wanted to hear. Sophae started to learn that as a music artist, he had a bigger responsibility than what he imagined. He came to a conclusion that he must strive to grow as an artist and as a person by creating music that will have a positive effect on the world. Since 2009, he started expressing & creating concepts with much deeper meaning. His concepts became even more creative as he started listening to other genres of music other than Hip Hop such as Neo-Soul, Pop, & Soft Rock. After being introduced to a new perspective of music, his life would be changed forever.