Hard Rock
Evans Blue’s fourth album with long-time producer Trevor Kustiak, GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, was released in April 2012 by Sounds+Sights to rave reviews from fans, music writers and radio alike. The first single “This Time It’s Different” was a Top 30 rock radio hit nationally and a #1 song on SiriusXM Octane, The Buzz in Houston, 89X in Detroit and The Banana in Flint, as well as Top 5 on KUPD Phoenix. The song also debuted in the Top 25 Rock Singles on iTunes.

“Halo” and “Beyond The Stars” also went on to be #1 songs on the SiriusXM Octane BIG UNS COUNTDOWN, and "Warrior" climbed to #3. "Halo" was also #9 on the Octane 2012 Year-End Countdown and #18 on the 89X Detroit 2012 Year-End Countdown, and “This Time It’s Different” was #12 on The Buzz Houston’s 2012 Year-End Countdown and #13 on Octane’s.

GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES takes the listener on a lyrical and musical journey through the highs and lows of human emotion and offers a few surprises along the way. Fan favorite “Warrior” is a departure from the heavier Evans Blue sound that is driven by a piano line, exquisitely played by Allan Jankowski. The album also includes a haunting instrumental title track, comprised entirely of piano and the one-man, 14-piece string orchestra that is the amazing Stevie Blacke.

The members of Evans Blue are located all over North America, with two in Canada and the others in St Louis and Dayton. The band's four albums have collectively sold over a million records. The rock hit "Erase My Scars" from their third album evans|blue continues to resonate with fans worldwide and raise awareness for the band's charity, KeepingChase.com.

Singer Dan Chandler credits their passionate and dedicated fans (known as the “Evans|Blue Nation”) for the band’s continued positive, forward momentum. He observes, “Seeing what has happened with the last record and seeing the acceptance and the approval, the people showing up, and the crowds growing, has given me more confidence; I feel like I have a lot of people backing me up and supporting where we’re headed as a band.”

Evans Blue spent the Summer and Fall of 2012 traversing the Eastern half of the US on the GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES 2012 TOUR, during which they played the entire album live from start to finish. The fan response was overwhelmingly positive. Evans Blue is currently taking a break from the road, and in the interim, singer Dan Chandler has started a side project with Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren from Disturbed. The new band Fight Or Flight released their debut album "A Life By Design?" in July and is on tour now. Stay tuned, #ebnation…