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| Ephemeral Mists
Ephemeral Mists is a music band that formed in late 2009 by industrial music artist, Brett Branning (also responsible for the synthetic dream foundation. The project merges electronic ambient electronic beats and textures with acoustic instrumentation from the middle east and far east. The project has collaborated with many of the most prominent artists and labels in the psychedelic ambient music scenes including Mythical records, Atmosheric records, Ultimae, and Altar records. Ephemeral Mists has been actively touring the United States and the middle east and has shared the stage with many other influential world fusion acts such as Karsh Kale, The Desert Dwellers, Conjure One, and Delerium. The artists uses many instruments from the classical traditions of the Far East and Middle East including the Shakuhachi, Ney, hand percussion, and Koto.

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license