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Smash Acoustic Stringed Music with Electro Dance Music and you get the first wave of ELECTRO SHINE. The experience is best described as a musical circus with multi-platinum artist Big Kenny as the Ringmaster bringing together a fusion of the most talented artists in genres like EDM, Americana, country, reggae, rock, pop, and hip-hop.

Big Kenny calls it, "The New Movement of Muzika Without Prejudice."

“I had this idea several years ago, and we started experimenting at the UofC (University of Creativity) in our mad laboratories! Insane talent crossed my path at just the right time, practically on my doorstep, as if sent by the Ultimate Creator himself! I have been on a mission since song one with this project,” said Big Kenny.” We started making Electro Shine because it just made us feel good. I figured, if it made us feel that good, it would do the same for others. I want to bring more people together in a really fun way. As a Godfather of the MuzikMafia and a leader of the Freak Parade, I do not take that lightly!!”

In addition to this new sound, Big Kenny has created a new music model that truly embraces the “Muzika Without Prejudice” mantra through Glotown Records. “Glotown Records is run by an eager bunch of geniuses all looking to be a beacon for creativity,” says Kenny. “It’s a singles-based label focused on artist/producer collaborations releasing only the best of the best one at a time, and continuously! And, Electro Shine leads the way on this experimental adventure!”

The University of Creativity and Last Dollar Studios attracts the greatest minds and talent from across the globe. Electro Shine has been furthered by principle contributions from “the Maestro of Electro,” CheBacca, also known as Che. Che has worked with acts like Lindsey Stirling, DJ Poet, MNDR, and Connor Cruise

And with the intensive collaboration of ChessBoxer, the musical duo of Ross Holmes and Matt Menefee, the music-embraced organic instruments side by side with the synthesis of EDM.

“Brother Bacca is brilliant with beats and tracks, -- dude can sing too! And ChessBoxer freaked me out when I first heard them at a dinner at a preacher's house. I didn’t know how anyone could make such sounds on a banjo and fiddle -- Now I know,” says Kenny.

Together, these three powerhouses of music create an eclectic fusion of beats, instrumentation, and feel-good lyrics. The Electro Shine sound is truly something that hasn’t been heard before from what might typically be thought of as an unlikely pairing.

With Big Kenny at the helm, he powers the engine behind the madness and has the passion to propel it into an unforgettable experience. Big Kenny is a real rock and roll farm boy from Culpeper, VA, and seems just as comfortable in a London Dance Club as at a Virginia Barn Dance. As a singer, songwriter and producer, he’s powered through the world of music in in acts like luvjOi, the Muzik Mafia and, more notably, the multi-platinum, Grammy Nominated, country rock duo, Big and Rich.

The first Electro Shine single, "Dance Upon the Solid Ground" will be released April 16, 2013 everywhere and features EDM producer Chebacca, instrumental strings duo ChessBoxer, and Big Kenny.    

Look for additional Electro Shine singles in the months to come featuring multi talented artists such as Ky-Mani Marley and his son; and wordsmith KJ Marley, son and grandson of reggae icon, Bob Marley; Cowboy Troy, country hick hop artist and rapper; Megan Mullins, singer, dancer, and fiddle virtuoso; as well as the magical guitar sounds of Dave Stewart, musician/songwriter/producer and one-half of British duo Eurythmics.

“If you think this list sounds like a cast of characters, then you better stick around because we are just getting started,” says Kami Knake, who along with Marc Oswald, manages Electro Shine. Kami says, “Expect future collaborations from anyone under the sun. There are no limits or boundaries here. This really is Muzika Without Prejudice. When you come see our musical circus out on the road, it's going to look like one gigantic melting pot of life! Glow stick kids, farmers, cowboys, rappers, break dancers, and hipsters all coming together to celebrate music in perfect harmony!  This sound makes everyone want to dance, laugh and smile. It's contagious! I want to live in this world forever!”