Eddie Robson (born 20 December 1978) is a comedy and science fiction writer best known for his sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully and his work on a variety of spin-offs from the BBC Television series Doctor Who. He has written books, comics and short stories, and has worked as a freelance journalist for various science fiction magazines. He is married to a female academic and lives in Lancaster. Contents 1 Writing career, 2 Bibliography 2.1 Radio plays, 2.2 Books, 2.3 Short stories, , 3 References, 4 External links, Writing career: Robson's comedy writing career began in 2008 with material for Look Away Now. Since then his work has featured on That Mitchell and Webb Sound, Tilt, Play and Record, Newsjack, Recorded For Training Purposes and The Headset Set. The pilot episode of his sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 5th July 2012. It starred Katherine Parkinson and Julian Rhind-Tutt. The Radio Times called it "the sitcom success story of 2012..." It became a full series, aired on BBC Radio 2 starting in March 2013, with Hattie Morahan replacing Katherine Parkinson. His Doctor Who work includes the BBC 7 radio plays Phobos, Human Resources and Grand Theft Cosmos, the CD releases Memory Lane, The Condemned, The Raincloud Man and The Eight Truths, and several short stories for Big Finish's Doctor Who anthologies, Short Trips. He has contributed comic strips to Doctor Who Adventures. Between 2007 and 2009, Robson was the producer of Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield range of products, and has contributed four audio plays to the series. He has also written books on film noir and the Coen Brothers for Virgin Publishing, the Doctor Who episode guide Who's Next with co-authors Mark Clapham and Jim Smith, and an illustrated adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Bibliography: Radio plays: Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully (Pilot episode - 2012, Series - 2013), Doctor Who Memory Lane (2006), Phobos (2007), Human Resources (2007), I.D. (2007), Urgent Calls (2007), The Condemned (2008), Grand Theft Cosmos (2008), The Raincloud Man (2008), Masters of War (2008), The Eight Truths/Worldwide Web (2009), Situation Vacant (2010), Prisoner of the Sun (2010), Industrial Evolution (2011), The Five Companions (2011), Binary (2012), The Jupiter Conjunction (2012), The Jigsaw War (2012), , Bernice Summerfield The Empire State (2006), Freedom of Information (2007), Beyond the Sea (2008), Secret Origins (2009), Resurrecting the Past (2010), Escaping the Future (2010), , Books: Coen Brothers (2003), Who's Next (2005) (with Mark Clapham and Jim Smith), Film Noir (2005), Dracula (2009) (with Nicola L. Robinson), Short stories: Doctor Who The Little Drummer Boy (2003), in Short Trips: Companions, The Juror's Story (2004), in Short Trips: Repercussions, Visiting Hours (2005), in Short Trips: A Day in the Life, Mercury (2005), in Short Trips: The Solar System, Not in My Back Yard (2005), in Short Trips: The History of Christmas, The Avant Guardian (2006), in Short Trips: Time Signature, Remain in Light (2007), in Short Trips: Snapshots, Decorative Purposes (2007) in Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas, Interesting Times (2008) in Short Trips: The History of Christmas, The Power Supply (2009) in Short Trips: Indefinable Magic, , Bernice Summerfield The Light that Never Dies (2000), in The Dead Men Diaries, Against Gardens (2004), in A Life Worth Living, Match of the Deity (2006), in Something Changed, The Two-Level Effect (2006), in Collected Works, Thirty Love (2007), in Missing Adventures, The Firing Squad (2009), in Secret Histories,

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