The Earthtones formed in Canada in 1992 and consisted of three vocalist and songwriters: Tim Mason, Dana Crawford, and Scott Henderson. Later, two other artists, Chris Liscano and one simply called by the name Jesiahh, were brought on board. The R&B-style band had a short five-year run before calling it quits.

The very year the Earthtones formed and began playing local gigs, the members saw the release of their debut album, Those Darn Hoodlums. A year later, a sophomore offering appeared, To Be Continued. 1995 was an even bigger year. A few spots on television shows and tours in both Canada and the United States increased the size of the band's fan base while, almost as chocolate sprinkles to top everything off, the Earthtones earned a Juno nomination that brought the group full force into the public eye -- and to the attention of the business side of the music world.

Just when everything seemed in order and the rocket star ride straight to fame should have been leaving the launch pad, there was a stutter and then a stall. It was four years before a third full-length album was completed, Blindfolded & Ready. It was a case of too little too late, though, and almost as suddenly as the ride started, it came to a crashing halt in late 1997. ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi