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Since its beginning in 2007, E for Explosion has been in a constant state of transition. Those who follow E for Explosion have seen the true evolution of a band. Followers have witnessed a multitude of supporting members to the core duo of Jamison and Dai over the years… they've seen the band weave their way in and out of self releases, a contract with Eyeball Records, the release of their debut Reinventing the Heartbeat, endless touring filled with intimate acoustic shows in parking lots to sold out festivals and everything in between.
All of the experiences, ups, downs, trials, errors and tribulations have lead to where we find E for Explosion now… A duo made up of the core members, Jamison and Dai Covington who embody the true sense of DIY. The duo write, perform and produce all of their releases in their studio they've dubbed "Happydale" which is nestled amongst the history filled vintage treasures of the the rustic antique store they also own and operate.
It doesn't take long to realize that all of the personal histories that emanate from their surroundings help heighten the atmosphere of each and every note and lyric.
Nights are spent with Jamison & Dai churning out a musical sound the duo describes as "garage pop"… songs filled with acoustic guitars, hints of fuzz and dreamy guitars, claps, stomps, programming, pianos, strings & an array of unique sounds and instruments, all of which are topped off with the heartfelt lyrics and vocal performances of both Jamison and Dai.
Most bands and artists find themselves slowing as time goes on… E for Explosion proves to be the complete opposite. The work ethic and momentum that have pushed them into this prolific frenzy happens to be the biggest reason for staying completely independent. This freedom allows the duo to write, record and release when the urge hits… which fortunately for their creative sanity and the hunger of the fans, looks to be the forthcomings of what some may consider second nature.