Dusty may refer to: People: Dusty (nickname), Dusty (given name), Dusty Springfield (1939-1999), English soul and pop singer, Dusty Drake (born 1965), American country music singer-songwriter, Dusty Collins, American professional ice hockey player, John 'Dusty' King (1909-1987), American singer and actor born Miller McLeod Everson, Dusty Limits, Australian-born cabaret singer and comedian, Slim Dusty (1927-2003), Australian outback singer-songwriter, Fictional characters: Dusty, the sidekick of Archie comics superhero "The Shield", Dusty (G.I. Joe), Dusty, a singing cowboy in A Prairie Home Companion (film) (2006), Robert Altman's last film, Dusty Bin, mascot character from the UK gameshow 3-2-1., Dusty Chandler, a country music singer in the 1992 American film Pure Country portrayed by George Strait, Dusty Crophopper, a fictional plane from Disney's Planes (film), Dusty Donovan, on the American soap opera As the World Turns, Dusty McHugh, on the British soap opera Family Affairs, Places in the United States: Dusty, New Mexico, a town in western Socorro County, New Mexico, Dusty, Washington, an unincorporated community, Dusty Glacier, Washington, Arts and entertainment: Dusty (album), the 1964 US version of the debut album of singer Dusty Springfield, Dusty - The Original Pop Diva, an Australian musical about Dusty Springfield written by John Michael Howson, Dusty (film), a 1983 Australian film, Dusty (TV film), a 1983 TV film starring Nancy McKeon

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