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Was born in Shreveport, LA...come from a divorced family so music has always been my refuge and a way in which I have learned to express myself. My life has been hard and rough, but with the aid of lyric I have found my way through every obstacle. My lyrical tone is whimsical at times it can get quite serious and blunt. My lyrical tone and writing style meshed with that of the producer Champ Pane from Beat2Beat Productions lends itself to a new, unique and fresh style. My stage name Dumb Blonde was chosen for it's satire and yes I am blonde. If you listen to my music you will clearly see I am anything but dumb and with such a name it is suppose to be empowering to women. Most people either hate me or love me - there is rarely in between - but that is something I will change. Have a listen for yourself - am sure you will love me! XOXO Dumb Blonde