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Official Site: | @DUGASMusic
Hailing from the French quarters of Winnipeg, Canada, Sarah and Christian Dugas grew up on a varied regimen of vinyl records, courtesy of their musician parents. While never denying their wide-ranging musical tastes, they vicariously immersed themselves in Southern music and this unmistakable connection expanded into a full-blown musical path. After lending their services to the Canadian Juno-winning and Grammy-nominated band The Duhks for several years, these siblings are finally realizing the dream of launching their own project. Still deeply rooted in Southern music and culture, their sound draws from Rock-n-Roll, Roots and old school Soul. They bring a hard-hitting, dynamic and heart-felt energy to their diverse original compositions, improvisations and a few chosen covers - all of it, delivered with the awe-inspiring vocal and musical chemistry only seen amongst siblings. They are currently working on their debut album, to be released by Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists label.