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Official Site: | @itsDominiqueB
Dominique Buggs Montiel, known, as Dominique B, born October 14, 1994 - is a 19-year-old Mexican pop singer-songwriter with an English twist, who was born and raised in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and an African-American father. Her older brother is involved in music, which has given Dominique an advantage, as he has been able to help her to record some of the songs she has covered on her YouTube channel from her favorite artists such as Emeli Sande, Jessie J and Rihanna.

Starting from a young age, Dominique had always shown a massive interest in music and having no vocal/singing lessons her family, friends and school teachers always knew she had something special about her.

After being encouraged by a friend to upload a cover version of Your Song by Elton John, the Ellie Goulding version, the positive response she had received was simply unexplainable. Shortly after Dominique followed this up by uploading a cover of RIP by Rita Ora. Again, the response she received was way more than what she could ever expect.

Creating a name for herself online by getting thousands of people around the world viewing her videos, there was one special person who marked the starting point of Dominique's career within the music industry. Hank Hughes, proprietor of the famous London based F block studio complex at Ealing Studios, home to Naughty Boy, Emeli Sandé and others contacted her, interested in developing her as an artist as well as a songwriter.

Dominique had never really looked for anything, nor even expected anything like this to happen. One of her biggest dreams was to travel to London to try to make her a name for herself in the music industry, however it was never going to be that easy for her. Dominique’s father was against the whole idea from her having a career in music, to traveling the world chasing and living her dreams.

Being the strong minded, determined individual she is, she continued to sing and upload covers to YouTube, some of them being Justin Timberlake - Mirrors and Rihanna - Stay, which again generated thousands of views and in fact are the most viewed ones on her YouTube channel, along with her initial unique rendition of Rita Ora - RIP.

After posting her first video online, Dominique had around 250 followers on Twitter, and today about a year later, she has surpassed 20,000 followers. It is not very common to have an established fan base, when you are not a big name in music and somehow, she has managed to do this. What makes Dominique so special is that she is constantly interacting with her fans and supporters who she dubbed her 'Dominators'. Because of the interaction and connection between herself and her Dominators, she has built up an amazing relationship with them, which eventually led Dominique to write her first original song dedicated to her fans. This song was called Dominate. Dominate was composed and produced by Hank Hughes and written by Dominique whilst She was living in Mexico and Hughes was in London.

Dominique decided that no matter what, she was destined to be in London, and although there were obstacles in her way, she was going to overcome them and go there and see what happens.

With emails going back and forth with Hughes, Dominique set a date for herself to fly to London and see what happens. However, one day Dominique was walking through Mexico City where there was a market and something caught her eye. There was a stall, which was run by the UK Embassy in connection with an airline and they were running a competition for a free flight from Mexico City to London. Dominique HAD to enter this competition. The competition was simple. Take a photo with the telephone box and get as many retweets as you can, and the person with the most retweets won the tickets. A solid 90% of Dominique’s fans were from UK and wanted her to come to London, not only because they wanted her to live her dream, but they could meet her too.

As the relationship Dominique built up with her fans so quickly it was no surprise that within 8 hours, Dominique had won the competition and this was just the beginning.

In less than a year from uploading her very first video as well as being contacted by a well renowned music producer AND building a solid fan base, she was given a free plane ticket to the city she was always meant to be in.

Upon her arrival in London, she finally met Hank personally and without any hesitation, they went straight to the studio and got to work, working on a 6 song E.P and her debut album.

In 2013, Dominique was invited to play at Soccer Six: The Next Generation, a charity football competition, which enables fans to meet up and coming musicians.

On January 25, 2014, Dominique's EP, 'Grratitude' was released worldwide on iTunes. 'Grratitude' was a success and it charted on the iTunes UK Pop Albums chart, making Dominique B the first Mexican to be on the UK music charts.

Dominique is currently working on her debut album, which will be released in 2014.

With all this being said, welcome to the world of Dominique B, the XIX Universe.

by: Katie Ryalls