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Who is djkidv you ask ? Well if you don’t know him personally, he is one of Canada’s well kept secrets, who has certainly caught the attention of LHP Music limited in the UK! Kid V has spent the last two decades mastering his craft, spinning events and venues like Raves, Clubs, and private functions of all kinds! In his hometown of Calgary A B. Today he composes and produces at the LAB (his own private studio in Calgary). Kid V ’s style and over all feel are quite unique among other artist of this genre of music. He has a new age style with an old school feel. Perfect for any occasion, Kid V makes you want to dance at the club, at home, or in the car, so if you are looking for that ultimate dance experience, or just want to let your inner kid out to play!

Vocal distortions, electronic back beats, mixtures and fusions of sounds and beats that feed the soul. Yes in deed, you can take this music to a dance club and just let loose! djkidv started playing clubs in 1990 when he began making a name for himself. Playing at events like the Pride events and private rave parties to where he is today, composing and performing his own creations. djkidv is quite an act. Djkidv received a platume Auddy award for the Sacrament and 1994 4th place mixing champion in Alberta. At this time he’s working the party circuit world wide. This CD was released June, 2009 in it’s digital format.

You can now find DJ Kid V ’s music on all major mp3 distribution sites like Beat Port, ITunes, and Reverb Nation.