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Love for the art and culture of djing is what drives DJ ICEMAN to be one of the best djs in the country. Starting in 1982,Robert Anderson traveled the long and winding road to being a dj. Upon receiving his first dj setup,at the age of 9,Dj Iceman has been on a tear and along the way with stops in the United States Navy,various Jobs in the security and corrections fields, time as a chef/cook, and a five year career as a professional MMA fighter, he has become a well rounded person as well as a all around dj. He has performed In New York,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,And Washington,Japan And Sydney.And He Has Worked With The Likes Of Guy,Teddy Riley,Heavy D,Krs One,Ghostface Killah,Dj Roc Raida, And A Host Of others. He’s Now Trying To Bring His party-rocking To The Masses.He is known as “The Blendmaster General, The Soul Controller,Uncle Ruccus, and Kimbo Ice” he has made his home in Tacoma since 2008 And is now one of he best hip-hop controllerists in the state of Washington. Also knows as the “Master of the rant” you can see his humorous, enlightening,and educational views on the art of djing and his take on everyday dj issues via his very popular Youtube channel ( and with over half a million views to date,it seems he is picking up steam. He is also a staple on most social media outlets like soundcloud ( twitter ( and facebook ( Feats: Upstairs Records Digital Dj Of The Year award for 2008,2009 and 2010, the Soul Controllers Controllerist Of The Year for 2012 25360 award for dj of the year for 2010 and 2011. DJ ICEMAN is also a member of some of the biggest dj coalitions in the country,including the World Wide Fleet Djs,the Nerve Djs,Regulator Djs,Coast2Coast Mixtape Djs,the Undisputed Djs and the Wu-Coalition Djs. Dj ICEMAN Does Have Sponsorships From A Few National And International Companies Such As: Styleflip( Digital Dj Pool ( Vestax ( Hardware ( Fray Fix (