Discipline is a United States progressive rock band formed in 1987 by singer/songwriter Matthew Parmenter. Based in Detroit, Michigan the band has released three studio CDs, two live albums, and a live DVD. Discipline may be best known for their 1997 release Unfolded Like Staircase. History: Discipline was formed in 1987, and have released multiple studio albums and appeared at several progressive rock festivals, including Nearfest, RoSfest, ProgScape, the Orion studios progressive rock showcase, and Terra incognita. In addition, the band did a 1993 tour in Norway to support their first studio recording Push & Profit. The tour was organized by students of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås, Norway near Oslo. The band has remained independent since its inception. In 1995 Discipline was approached by the progressive rock label Magna Carta (USA) and its European distribution partner Roadrunner (Netherlands). Although an early version of the band's epic "Canto IV (Limbo)" appeared on a Magna Carta sampler in 1995, the label deal fell apart due to artistic differences. Later Discipline signed a European distribution deal with Hungary's Periferic Records. In 2010 England's Cyclops/GFT label released "Discipline. Live Days," a double CD compilation pulled from several live concert recordings. In 2011 the band released To Shatter All Accord, their first studio album in fourteen years. Subsequently, in 2012, the band was featured on the cover of Wonderous Stories magazine (Italy) and Koid 9 magazine (France). In 2013, after twenty-five years, the band reissued their first album Chaos Out of Order, originally released on cassette tape in 1988. In January 2014, the band released a double CD, This One's for England, recorded live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during their appearance at RoSfest in 2012. Style: Discipline's style and genre has been variously described. The Detroit News describes them as an "alternative band." However, the progressive rock website classifies Discipline as Symphonic prog. Doug Levy in Detroit's South End newspaper writes of Discipline, "this is not some kind of over-the-top theatrical rock troupe of sorts as much as it is a welcome merging of both art and tightly-knit (hence the name) modern rock." John Collinge, publisher of Progression Magazine, writes "Discipline's music demands focused attention-preferably with headphones and lyric booklet, at least on the first spin. Once you've locked into Parmenter's vibe, strong melodies and gloriously edgy accompaniment seal the deal.". Discipline is a registered trademark of Strung Out Records. Members: Matthew Parmenter (1987-present) - vocals, keyboards, violin, saxophone, guitars, Chris Herin (2014-present) - lead guitar, Jon Preston Bouda (1987-present) - lead guitar, Mathew Kennedy (1988-present) - bass guitar, Paul Dzendzel (1991-present) - drums, Brad Buszard (1993-1995) - keyboards, Dave Krofchof (1991-1993) - keyboards, Woody Saunders (1987-1991) - drums, Don Bakerian (1987) - backing guitar

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