Die Trying was a four member rock band formed in 2001 and based in Sacramento, California. After signing a contract with Island Records in 2002, they released their first single, "Oxygen's Gone", followed by their self-titled debut album on June 10, 2003. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach appears on the song "Conquer The World" from that album. The band's name comes from their relentless effort in trying to make it and willingness to do anything. They would either make it or "Die Trying." "Die Trying" (produced by Neal Avron) reached moderate success having been on the Billboard Top Heatseeker Albums for 10 weeks with a peak position at No. 14. The lead single "Oxygen's Gone" received heavy video airplay on MTV, MTV2, and Fuse. It also was able to land spots on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks for 8 weeks with a peak position of No. 35, along with Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks for 6 weeks with a peak position of No. 29 Die Trying disbanded thanks to what the band states as "shitty management, drugs, lawsuits, band drama, and all kinds of bad luck" in 2004. Die Trying performed under the names Vanity Kills and Sin City Angels throughout 2006 and 2007, respectively. On August 10, 2007 Die Trying played a show at The Boardwalk in Orangvale, CA along with Another Damn Disappointment. On November 2, 2007 Die Trying played a show at The Boardwalk in Orangvale, CA. Though unverified, it can be inferred that Die Trying has broken up. There have been zero updates to the band's official MySpace in over a year. Joey Cunha (known by the stage name Joey Roxx) has gone on to join the hard rock band Burn Halo, which is fronted by former-Eighteen Visions frontman James Hart. Jack Sinamian is now the frontman of the band 80 Proof Riot. Quentin Garcia is now in the band Hero's Last Mission. Matt Conley is now in the band Raushi. Former members: Jassen Jensen - vocals, Jack Sinamian - guitar/vocals, Matt Conley - drums, Steve Avery - bass, Quentin Garcia - bass, Craig Bennett - bass, Justin "Teddy" Holden - bass, Chad Ackerman - guitar, Shane Blay - guitar, Joey Cunha - guitar

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