World renowned Jamaican born and raised artist, DIANA KING (aka KingSinga) has the 'IT' ... that THING that separates her from the pack. She shines, with a combination of unparallelled vocal power and passion, diverse style, edgy lyrics, exotic beauty, sharp and opinionated mind and a down to earth jeans and t-shirt charm and personality to spare. With her trademark blend of Reggae, R&B/Soul and Dance, this star has been a unique kind, compared to none, with her strong brew of genres seasoned with reggae. She truly expresses herself with songs that not only showcase her vocal ability and styling but highlights her skills as a storyteller.

She is responsible for Chart Topping hits such as:
Shy Guy (Bad Boys Movie Soundtrack)
I Say a Little Prayer For You (My best Friends Wedding Soundtrack)
Love Triangle
Summer Breezin
Treat Her Like A Lady with Celine Dion
Respect with The Notorious BIG
Ain't Nobody ... and Tenderness

KING has come along way since her 1st hit single "SHY GUY" and with her current music, her goal is to connect with new fans of all creed as she continues to tour and entertain her original organic and loyal fans all over the world. Her distinctive sound has made her a standout artiste since her debut. The incomparable DIANA KING aka KingSinga .... Is a globe trotting star who is indeed love and respected by millions.

Her new self written and produced album 'AgirLnaMeKING' is now available digitally on iTunes and all major online music store. It is released on her own THINKLIKEAGIRL Music Inc. label. The physical CD can also be purchased at her official website at