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Good music arguably comes from a place that is insightful, meaningful and modern.
This is where the artist know as Devvon Terrell lives and sleeps. Hailing from
brooklyn, new york the pop rnb sensation has his own urban style and sound that is a testament to his generation.

The rnb pop single "My senses" written, directed and engineered by Devvon Terrell
took the internet by storm, receiving a modest 130,000 views in three short days. It continues
to trend on various blog sites and even secured a spot on the famous Core Dj's hotlist.

Devvon Terrell wears a variety of hats to translate his music to his audience. From shooting
and editing videos to engineering, mixing and mastering all of his music. This jack of all
trades mentality has earned him placements with And One Live, C2C Dj Khaled's Halftime Report, a number one Mixtape on and countless other mediums. Devvon Terrell is currently working on his new ep which he plans to release in the coming months. With all his endeavors on the rise Devvon Terrell will surely make the transformation from local talent, to mainstream superstar.