Deric Michael Angelettie (born July 31, 1968), better known by his stage name D-Dot (also known as Mad Rapper, The Madd Rapper, Papa Dot, and D.O.P.), is an American music producer, songwriter, artist, manager, and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York City. He is a three-time Grammy Nominee and NARAS Award winner for "Producer of The Year" in 1998. D-Dot began his career in 1990 as a rapper in the group Two Kings in a Cipher. The group released an album titled From Pyramids to Projects in 1991. D-Dot joined Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 and was director of management and merchandising. D-Dot also managed Mary J. Blige from 1994-1996. From 1996-1998, he was the "Captain" of Sean "Diddy" Combs' producing team: The Hitmen. As a producer, D-Dot produced and wrote multi-platinum songs for legendary artists such as Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, 50 Cent among many others. He produced and wrote mega hits such as Diddy's "It's All About The Benjamins". D-Dot has sold over 30 million records as a producer, songwriter and artist. He created the character, Mad Rapper, ((who made his debut on Notorious B.I.G.'s LP, Life After Death)), and released an album, Tell 'Em Why U Madd, on his Crazy Cat Catalogue record label distributed by Columbia Records in 2000. The album featured up and coming rapper 50 Cent on the song "How To Rob" and also introduced a young producer/rapper, Kanye West, who D-Dot also managed and mentored. D-Dot co-hosted the television show Hip-Hop Hold 'Em in 2006 and was the "Music Consultant" for the movie, "Notorious", on Fox/Searchlight Pictures released in 2009. D-Dot owns and runs Connect The Dots Consulting, LLC, a management and strategy company. Connect The Dots manages Grammy-Award winning and multi-platinum producer, Stevie J from VH1's, "Love & Hip-Hop-Atlanta". D-Dot and his Crazy Cat record label will be releasing three projects commercially in 2013, with the first being Mad Rapper's sophomore LP, "Still Mad" in Summer 2013. He is married to Lisa Angelettie and has four daughters, Alexis, Autumn, Ali and Ava. Biography: The early years: Born and raised an only child in Brooklyn, New York in 1968 to an African-American father Eric Angelettie and a Puerto-Rican mother Dr. Noemi Angelettie. Angelettie began rapping at 8 years old. Inspired by the streets and rappers such as Cold Crush Brothers, LL Cool J, Run-DMC and others, Angelettie found Hip-Hop. While attending Howard University from 1986-1989, Angelettie and his friend Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence formed the conscious rap duo Two Kings in a Cipher. In 1990, the group signed a recording deal to Bahia/RCA Records. In 1991, they released their debut album From Pyramids to Projects to rave reviews and critical acclaim. The demise of the label eventually led to the release of the group in 1993. Angelettie would go on to produce and songwrite many classic hits and make music history. Bad Boy Entertainment: The turning point came when fellow Howard schoolmate and future music mogul, Sean "Puffy" Combs, who also in 1993, broke away from his post as V.P. of A&R for Uptown Records to start his own imprint, Bad Boy Entertainment. Puffy called on Angelettie to join his team and help build his new label. In a 3-year span, Angelettie went from intern, to director of merchandising and management, to booking shows for artists Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G., to managing R&B diva Mary J. Blige on her "My Life" Tour, to becoming the head of Bad Boy's A&R Department as Vice-President, and then finally in 1996 becoming the Captain of The Hitmen --Bad Boy's hit-making production team. In 1997, Angelettie went on to produce, A&R, and executive produce #1 pop chart, multi-platinum albums for The Notorious B.I.G. (Life After Death, 1997), Puff Daddy (No Way Out, 1997) Mase (Harlem World, 1997) Faith Evans (Keep the Faith, 1998) and The Lox (Money, Power & Respect, 1998). In 1998, after departing his position as A&R, Angelettie executive produced the multi-platinum debut album for artist Black Rob, Life Story, which spawned the major radio hit "Whoa!". As a producer, Angelettie's credits also include songs for artists: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Lil' Kim, Nas and Nicki Minaj and has managed other artists such as Kanye West. In 2004, Angelettie executive produced Bad Boy's new group: Da Band and was featured on MTV's reality show Making The Band 1 & 2 and in 2005 executive produced Black Rob's second LP, The Black Rob Report. The Madd Rapper: The Mad Rapper made his debut on a skit on The Notorious B.I.G.'s second LP (Life After Death) in 1997. Angelettie's alter ego released his debut album, Tell 'Em Why U Madd, on his own Crazy Cat Catalogue Label in 2000. The album featured guest appearances from Puff Daddy, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Jermaine Dupri, Lil' Cease. The album also introduced a young rapper by the name of 50 Cent and a producer by the name of Kanye West. On November 19, 1998, Angelettie was charged with participating in the assault of Blaze Magazine editor Jesse Washington. Washington claimed that the assault was made because he published a photograph (taken with Angelettie's consent) that revealed The Madd Rapper's identity, which up until that time had been concealed from the general public but widely known in the music industry. The editor and Angelettie settled out of court. Production Discography: 1990-1996: Two Kings in a Cipher "From Pyramids to Projects" - Entire Album (BAHIA/RCA, 1991), Two Kings in a Cipher (Bahia/RCA, 1990) "Movin' on 'Em", , "The Show Soundtrack" (Def Jam, 1995) Suga - "What's Up Star?" (Produced with Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence), , Outkast "Atliens" (LaFace 1996) "Atliens Remix", , Rakim "Build And Destroy" (Universal), Salt 'N' Pepa (MCA), Positive K "I Got A Man" (Remix), Larry Johnson - TV Commercial (MCA 1996) (And 1 Commercial), , Nalini (1996) "Lay Down" (Bad Boy Remix) (Produced with Puff Daddy), , 1997: The Notorious B.I.G.: "Life After Death" (Bad Boy) "Hypnotize" (Featuring Pam from Total) (Produced with Puff Daddy & Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence), "The World is Filled" (Featuring Too Short, Puff Daddy, Carl Thomas) (Produced with Puff Daddy), "B.I.G." Interludes (Produced with The Notorious B.I.G.), , Puff Daddy & The Family: "No Way Out" (Bad Boy) "Do You Know" (Featuring Kelly Price) (Produced with Puff Daddy), "Been Around The World" (Featuring Mase & The Notorious B.I.G.), "It's All About the Benjamins" (Featuring The Lox, Lil' Kim, The Notorious B.I.G.), "Pain", Interludes, , LL Cool J: "Phenomenon" (Def Jam) "Hot, Hot, Hot" (Produced by Puff Daddy & Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence, Co-Produced By D-Dot), , Mase: "Harlem World" (BadBoy) "Feel So Good" (Featuring Kelly Price) (Produced with Puff Daddy), "24 Hrs. to Live" (Featuring The Lox, DMX & Black Rob) (Produced with Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady), "I Need To Be" (Featuring Monifah) (Produced with Chucky Thompson), "Do You Wanna Get $" (Featuring Kelis & Puff Daddy) (Produced with Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence), Interludes (Produced with Mase & Puff Daddy), , Jay-Z: "In My Lifetime Vol. 1" (Roc-A-Fella) "Where I'm From", , Tracey Lee: "Many Facez" (Bystorm/Universal) The Theme (It's Party Time), Clue, Big Will, , SWV: "Release Some Tension" (RCA) "Give It Up" (Featuring Lil' Kim) (Produced with Lantz "Wet" Mitchell), , Executive Production Credits: Puff Daddy & the Family: "No Way Out" (BadBoy), Mase: "Harlem World" (Bad Boy), Tracey Lee: "Many Facez" (Bystorm/Universal), A&R Credits: Mase: "Harlem World" (Bad Boy), Puff Daddy & the Family: "No Way Out" (Bad Boy), The Notorious B.I.G.: "Life After Death" (Bad Boy), Remix Credits: MC Lyte: "Cold Rock a Party" (Featuring Missy Elliott) (Produced with Puff Daddy, Stevie J., Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence) (East/West Records), Jody Watley: "Off the Hook" (Featuring Rakim) (MCA), Ray-J: "Everything You Want" (Elektra), 1998: Busta Rhymes: "Extinction Level Event" (Elektra) "Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce", , Made Men: "Classic Limited Edition" (Priority) "Just You and I", "Is It You? 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