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Singer, actor, singer and philanthropist, Derek Jameson is an exploding star on the brink of an entertainment supernova. This talented performer is not just a triple threat, but the definition of. With the recent release of his hit single “I Would Run (Breaking Bones),” his recent leading role in horror film, "Bloody Mary 3D," plus multiple other projects in the works, Derek Jameson is on the fast track to becoming an artist known and respected by all.

The Invention of Love is Derek Jameson's debut album, a collection of pop/rock songs that reflect life, love and Hollywood. The album's lead single, "Ribcage," is a bass pounding-club track, lighting up the L.A. club scene, with the accompanying music video shot by director Leandro Manuel Emede. Jameson penned every track and composed all but one of the tracks on his debut independent release. Gabe Lopez and Mike Mac served as the album's producers, which began impacting the iTunes chart on January 11, 2011.
Jameson recently wrapped production for his song “I Would Run (Breaking Bones)” and the music video shot by director Jonna Roe, will be released mid March. Jameson’s music will also appear in the upcoming teen dance flick “1 Chance 2 Dance” and horror film “Mansion of Blood” starring Gary Busey.

A philanthropist and human rights activist, Jameson has volunteered with the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; supported The ONE Campaign in the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases, including AIDS; by donating proceeds of his album sales to The Save Darfur Coalition, and launching fundraising/awareness events for The Somaly Mam Foundation putting an end to Human Trafficking Worldwide.

Prior to his stab at the horror genre, Jameson appeared in the film adaption of "Rent," CBS' "Numbers," Bravo's "Work Out," "Scooby Doo Live," "Blue's Clues Live" and was the host of "Nicktoon's Live at 5." Jameson is currently a Master Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, where he takes pride in training his clients and helping them meet their goals. Jameson is constantly making appearances and performing at festivals, various venues and events throughout the L.A. area the the West Coast at large. When Derek Jameson is not busy performing, fitness is his life. Not only does he enjoy working out, but Jameson went to University to study physical fitness and sport management.