Nearly everyone of us has absolutely no idea what we want to accomplish in life until we graduate high school and experience different obstacles and opportunities, and that is when we finally figure it out. Unlike most of us, Demi DiClaudio knew at the solid age of 3, singing in front of the mirror modeling her mothers high heels, that singing was her passion and that’s all she ever forsaw herself doing.

Hailing straight from the City of Brotherly Love - South Philly - a city that has launched careers from some of the greatest artists of all time such as: Patti Labelle, Jill Scott, and Musiq Soulchild - with that Demia was bound to have an aspiration for this industry. Writing music since the age of 14, Demia is very passionate about the music she creates and wants to bring something debonair to the industry.

Her artist name “DEMIA” stands for: Drive Enlightens Magic in Anyone.

Being faced with struggles at an early age Demia would write poetry and songs as an outlet to deal with the rough life she was forced to live. She has tons of respect for Eminem because in a lot of ways she feels connected to the struggle he faced as a young kid trying to make it out and succeed all while dealing with a broken family. Having her first album at 15, Demia experienced success quite early with her album making it on the top of WorldJukeBox Touchtones.

Demia is a mix of Pop intertwined with Hip-hop. Many would compare her to Nicki Minaj with the plethora of different sounds of rapping and singing. New Yorkers got the pleasure of witnessing just how talented Demia was when she performed February 9th, at the Empire Hotel for New York Fashion Week, 2011. She received a very positive response from the audience, “I had a woman in tears telling me that I would definitely make it and she loved my music”, which was a huge accomplishment for me to come from Philly to the Big City and people actually screaming at my show,” stated Demia.

This is all just the beginning for the thriving career of Demia as she will bring edge, passion, and swag to the table and will be very connected with her audience always!