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Deen Castronovo (born August 17, 1965 in Westminster, California) is an American drummer and singer who has played in several notable hard rock and metal acts, such as Cacophony, Bad English, Journey, Wild Dogs, Dr. Mastermind, Hardline, Planet Us, Soul Sirkus, Social Distortion, and Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler's G/Z/R, as well as in backing bands for Ozzy Osbourne, Vasco Rossi, Steve Vai, Paul Rodgers and Matthew Ward. He is the current drummer for the band Journey, performing on such albums as Arrival (2001), Red 13 (2002), Generations (2005) (in which he also provided lead vocals on two songs), Revelation (2008), and Eclipse (2011), as well as providing lead vocals when performing live such hits as "Mother, Father", "Still They Ride", and "Keep on Runnin'" and occasionally "Faithfully". He also played on the song "Smoke Of The Revolution" on the Neal Schon solo album Late Nite. History: Deen Castronovo grew up in Keizer, Oregon, and as of 2012 he was living there. He attended South Salem High School. He has 2 children. Early Development After brief basic lessons with local drum teachers, Herb Brennan and Jim Tilton, Deen met with Northwest rock drummer, Tommy Suing, who introduced him to the unique style of Neil Peart, of the Canadian band Rush. Suing worked with Castronovo for nearly two years, teaching him the mechanics of Peart's style of playing. Castronovo fell in love with the musicality of Peart's drumming, and it wasn't long before Suing realized that there wasn't much more he could teach him, as he had accelerated at such an incredible pace, it was difficult to keep up with him. Suing was quoted as saying, "It got to the point where all I could do was teach him how to think and be creative. Skill-wise, Deen had become so far advanced, that the student was better than the teacher." The rest is history. Album appearances: With Wild Dogs Wild Dogs (1983), Man's Best Friend (1984), Reign Of Terror (1987), With Dr. Mastermind Dr. Mastermind (1986), Tony MacAlpine Tony MacAlpine main article Maximum Security (1987), Premonition (1994), With Cacophony Go Off! (1988), With Marty Friedman Dragon's Kiss (1988), With Bad English Bad English (1989), Backlash (1991), With Joey Tafolla Infra-blue (1990), With Matthew Ward Fortress (1990), With Hardline Double Eclipse (1992), With Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis (1995), With Steve Vai Alien Love Secrets (1995), Fire Garden (1996), With G/Z/R Plastic Planet (1995), Black Science (1997), With Social Distortion White Light, White Heat, White Trash (1996), Rush tribute Working Man - A Tribute to Rush (1996), With James Murphy Convergence (1996), With Hole Celebrity Skin (1998) (uncredited), With James Murphy Feeding the Machine (1999), With Vasco Rossi Tracks (2002), Tracks 2 (2009), With Journey Arrival (2001), Red 13 (2002), Generations (2005), Revelation (2008), Eclipse (2011), With The Hitmaker Don't Stop Believin' (featuring Deen Castronovo) (2006), With Soul Sirkus World Play, With Paul Rodgers The Hendrix Set

Source: Wikipedia

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