Amigos by Dayz Rich prod. by Pops on beat

Gold by Dayz Rich prod. by andre on beat

"Im a young man on a adventure of a lifetime." is the qoute I use for simply as a catch phrase. To let my audiance know that im deep. Im a new type of aspiring artist. Im a Army Vet. And I've been maken writing n composing music since I was 6 yrs old. I use alot of diffrent writing styles n patterns that make me stand out. Esp when Im in my Zone. Its like ur so focused n connected w/ the mind body soul u could do anything u want. Others say ima "breathe of fresh air" cuz ppl can relate n understand me so I can reach out more ppl. Some say my music is nothing n ill never amount to anyrhing. I say im just ur typical, ordinary, edger young man ready to explore the world