David Stewart may refer to: David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn (1357-c. 1386), Scottish magnate, David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay (1378-1402), heir to the throne of Scotland, David Stewart (footballer) (born 1947), Scotland international goalkeeper, David Stewart (bishop) (died 1476), Bishop of Moray, David Stewart (master blender) (born 1945), longest serving master blender in the drinks industry, at William Grant & Sons, Scotland, David Stewart (photographer) (born 1958), British photographer and director, David Stewart (cricketer) (born 1948), cricketer, David A. Stewart (born 1952), English musician and record producer best known for his work with Eurythmics, David R. Stewart, acquitted suspect in strip-search prank call scam, David W. Stewart (1887-1974), U.S. Senator from Iowa, David Stewart (Scottish politician) (born 1956), Scottish politician, David Stewart (Maryland) (1800-1858), U.S. Senator from Maryland, David Stewart (American football) (born 1982), American football player, David Stewart (RAF officer) (1890-1924), World War I flying ace, David Stewart, Earl of Moray (c. 1455-1457), son of King James II of Scotland, David J. Stewart (1915-1966), American Broadway, film, and television actor, David K. Stewart (1937-1997), American special effects artist, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, David O. Stewart, American lawyer and author

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