David Miller may refer to: Contents 1 Entertainment, 2 Literature, 3 Politics, 4 Sports, 5 Others, 6 See also, Entertainment: David Miller (director) (1909-1992), film director, David Miller (musician) (1883-1953), American country musician, David Miller (tenor) (born 1973), operatic tenor and member of the band Il Divo, David Alan Miller (born 1962), conductor, David Lee Miller (director) (born 1955), American film director, screenwriter and producer, David L. Miller (1925-1985) American record producer, Literature: David Miller (editor), British writer and journalist, David Miller (poet) (born 1950), writer, poet, literary critic, and editor, David Lee Miller (born 1951), American writer and professor, Politics: David Miller (Canadian politician) (born 1958), former mayor of Toronto, Ontario, David E. Miller (born 1962), American politician, David Wynn Miller (born 1949), American activist in a tax protest group, Sports: David Miller (American football) (born 1984), defensive end, David Miller (Australian footballer) (born 1975), Australian football (soccer) player, David Miller (cricketer) (born 1989), South African cricketer, David Miller (darts player), American professional darts player, David Miller (Dorset cricketer) (born 1974), former English cricketer, David Miller (ice hockey) (1925-1996), Canadian ice hockey player, David Miller (ice hockey, born 1996) (born 1996), Canadian ice hockey player for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, David Miller (sailor) (born 1943), Canadian sailor, David Joseph Miller (born 1985), Welsh professional ice hockey player, Others: David Miller (architect) (born 1944), Seattle architect, David Miller (entomologist) (1890-1973), New Zealand entomologist, university lecturer and scientific administrator, David Miller (philosopher) (born 1942), British philosopher, David Miller (physician), pioneer in the home birth movement in Australia, David Miller (political theorist) (born 1946), Oxford professor, David C. Miller (1917-1997), epidemiologist who cared for Albert Schweitzer, David Humphreys Miller (1918-1992), American artist, writer and film advisor specialising in the Plains Indians, David Hunter Miller (1875-1961), U.S. lawyer and an expert on treaties, David O. Miller (born 1958), artist, David Philip Miller, social historian of science, David S. Miller (born 1974), computer programmer, David W. Miller, scholar of the "faith at work" movement, David Miller (gangster), also known as Davy "Yiddles" Miller, a member of the Chicago gang Ragen's Colts, David Miller (public servant) (1857-1934), senior Australian public servant

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