What do you get when you combine passion and God-given skill- none other than the artist DaRil. Originally from New Orleans, Damon "DaRil" Nailer is a prolific entertainer and creative songwriter. He possesses excellent showmanship as a performer and as a songwriter he is a genius when it comes to utilizing descriptive lyrics to tell stories and paint vivid mental pictures for the listener. He is very skilled at relating and connecting well with a wide range of audiences. He has conducted 100s of shows at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, juvenile correctional facilities, coffeehouses, religious institutions, awards shows, conferences, showcases, malls, TV shows, concerts, and business seminars. Some of his major accomplishments include appearing numerous times on television shows , receiving heavy rotation on local and internet stations including Pandora, performing at the Holy HipHop Awards Showcase twice, being chosen as a finalist in the nationwide Hottest New Artist Competition, and being selected to be a part of the Holy Hiphop Volume 6 CD, and being chosen to be a part of the Supercuts Rock the Cut Artist Ambassador Program.