Corrupt Souls was a drum and bass group from Washington D.C, United States. The members were Telemetrik (Marcio Alvarado) and Impulse (Josh Clark). Alvarado went on to release a solo album in 2008 titled "My Lightyear" on Black Sun Empire Recordings, and is currently working under the alias Alvin Risk, signed to Skrillex's OWSLA record label. Impulse also cooperated with Rob F and Mecha, two other artists from Washington. The three formed the group Sinthetix, which first produced drum and bass but then moved on to produce rock. 1 Corrupt Souls have released material on Ohm Resistance (Submerged's record label), Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, and Black Sun Empire's record label. They are also credited on the project by Bill Laswell and Robert Soares, Method of Defiance - Inamorata. Related pages: Submerged (DJ)

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