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Corinda Chandler was born in Manchester, England, and her family emigrated to lnnisfail, Alberta when she was five years old. Cori knew as a youngster that music would he a major part of her life, and sang her first solo at eight years old. Corinda won the prized roles at Shawnigan Lake School (in BC) theatrical productions of 'Eliza Doolitle' in "My Fair Lady" and 'Mabel' in "Pirates of Penzance" and was selected as one of ten vocalists for the "Canadian Youth On Tour" for a five week, 15 city tour across Europe. Corinda studied at University of British Columbia, and the Victoria Royal Conservatory of Music, and landed the treasured role of 'Laurey' in "Oklahoma" with the Victoria Operatic Society, which led to theatrical roles with Storybook Theatre in Calgary, and continued her education at Mount Royal College. She at the Calgary Kiwanis Festival, she won the Norma Piper Pocaterra Memorial Award for the best overall vocal excellence in several music genres.

Corinda Chandler's debut album (recorded as "Cori Chandler") was a collaboration between her and country music legend Ray Griff, and was recorded at Nashville County Q studio and Night Deposit Studio in Calgary. Her first singles "If I Reached You" and "Finders Keepers" were in Canada's Top 1OO CanCountry chart for ## weeks. Through ECMA the album was released to Europe and Australian radio, and 'If I Reached You' reach #5 on the ECMA Top 100 Country chart, and five singles charted in the Top 20. This led to Corinda winning an award as Top Female Vocalist (by AICGMA), as well as several nominations.

Since then, Corinda has been singing at Western Canadian venues, and has performed a 16 song acapella showcase at Cafe Koi in Calgary, while writing for her next album. She is working on funding for her next album, and launching a new website, and is active on Social Media connecting with fans and her recording industry peers.