CONVOY of Non-Combatants has been working on his collaborative future project for the past 6 months, BEATS+RHYMES VOL.2 set to release for free download in May 2013. Planning to release 3 videos for the project, "Cardiac Arrest" is his first out of the trio set to release. With 3 past NON-COMBATANTS albums dating back to 2006, CONVOY will be making his mark as a solo artist in the indie Hip Hop scene! B+R Vol.2 featured artists include Non-Combatants own PROFOUND, ZERO (El Vuh), the legendary MEMPHIS REIGNS, MAISELPH, AUSTIN REID, SOLO THA SECRET, STREET ELEMENTS, & WINSTON ANTHONY out of New Zealand. Stay tuned for more music from CONVOY, and the whole STEP DOWN MUSIC family out of Los Angeles.