| @Colleen Green

Armed with naught more than a guitar and a drum machine, Colleen Green's gritty, sweet, irrepressibly fun tunes nod to girl-dominated indie pop acts (Helen Love, the All Girl Summer Fun Band, and Cub are all good touchstones), the Ramones (one of her early tracks was called "I Wanna Be Degraded"), and pop-punk acts like blink-182 (the blogosphere raved about her cover of "M&Ms"); Green, not at all shy about her drug use, would go on to characterize her style of music as "stoner pop." A Massachusetts native, Green moved to Oakland, California in 2008 with a handful of close friends. Once there, Green and her friends formed the Full House House, a live music venue run out of their living room. Green also began working on her own recordings, self-releasing a CD-R EP, 4 Loko 2 Kayla (a reference to her housemate and friend Kayla), and a cassette tape, Milo Goes to Compton, in 2010. The releases made waves among indie music bloggers, and Green was picked up by Hardly Art Records before the year was out. Her debut single on that label, Green One (with cover art featuring Kayla and Colleen), was released in early 2011. ~ Margaret Reges, Rovi