A storm is coming. After years of hard work, commitment and respect for an industry, which doesn't always reciprocate, Johannesburg-based post-hardcore/rock group Climate Control is ready to justify the hype and assert their place at the forefront of the South African alternative music scene, with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Preludes.

The seeds of the band can be traced as far back as 2005, but it was only in 2007 when Climate Control was officially born. “We chose the name Climate Control, for the reason that we hoped the band’s music would relate to the emotional climate of a person. The idea behind Climate Control is to make music that will rouse the emotions of our listeners,” says vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gonzalez. After settling on a band name and securing a semi-stable line-up, the band began gigging and writing music for a 3-track EP titled The Fall behind the Horizon, which was released as a free download in 2010. Since then, Gonzalez, Luca Zeeman (guitars), Jacques du Toit (drums) and Wesley Smuts (bass/vocals) have meticulously crafted, tweaked and added to their initial sonic offerings, making sure that melody, emotion, and well-written songs take precedence over generic expectations and four-on-the-floor song structures. Merging the very best of punk, alternative rock, and post-hardcore into one formidable package, Climate Control cranks out a sharp combo of jagged riffs, contrasting vocals, addictive choruses and captivating rhythmic time signatures.

On the live scene, Climate Control has become a must-see act, drawing favourable comparisons to international superstars Underoath, Deftones and 10 Years. Renowned for their vigorous performances and poignant delivery, the band has been privileged to share the stage with the likes of Newtown Knife Gang, The Graeme Watkins Project, Truth and Its Burden, Fuzigish, CrashCarBurn, The Narrow, and Dance! You’re On Fire, and perform at big festivals such as Krank’d Up, Lido Fest, Thornfest, Sunfest, and Seasons Wither.

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Clinton Watts (Freedom For Your Life, OneDaySky, Bury Tomorrow) of Watts Productions, Climate Control’s eagerly awaited debut album, Preludes, was released in May 2013. “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions,” the first single off of the album, has already received praise and airplay on radio stations such as 5FM, AFM, Zone Radio, EuroTrashMusic and 2oceansvibe Radio. A music video for the single was shot by Rick Joaquim (Duck Rabbit Studios), and debuted on the popular alternative TV programme MK Ondergrond. Furthermore, “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions” stormed to the #1 spot on The Rock Dimension’s Tenacious 10 chart, and was used in a video game montage by the FaZe Clan YouTube channel, where it has racked up an incredible 350, 000 views to date.

Notable Media Coverage:
• 5FM
• 2oceansvibe Radio
• Zone Radio
• EuroTrashMusic
• Teen Gospel Live
• MK Ondergrond
• BlankTV
• Epic Magazine
• SA Gig Girl

Press Quotes:
“Showing a keen ear for melody and possessing the ability to get the pits circling, Climate Control are holding all the cards to their destiny. Keep your eyes and ears on this young band – they’re sure to go far!” – (April 2010)
“Climate Control started off the evening with some ‘alternative metal/progressive music.’ Musically, this band had it together...” – SA Gig Girl (September 2011)
“These guys are really EPIC!” – Epic Magazine (April 2012)
“Refusing to fall into the generic trap around them, Climate Control are undoubtedly one of the most improved bands in recent times. These boys from the South have found a solid line-up and continue to become a force in the alternative metal scene.” – (June 2012)
“[Climate Control has] delivered one of the standout albums of the past couple of years…” – (March 2013)

Free Stuff:
• Free download of The Fall behind the Horizon EP:
• Free download of “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions (ft. Spencer Martin of Newtown Knife Gang)” single:
• Official music video for “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions”:
• Stream of “This Chemical Overload”: