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"We wish to be judged on our artistic merit, as opposed to our personalities," so says Client B, 50 percent of the anonymous duo that makes up Client. Apart from the semi-obvious facts that Client appear to be made up of two young women (apparently from the north of England given their accents) and that they are the first signings to Andy Fletcher's (of Depeche Mode fame) Toast Hawaii label, not much else in the way of biography was on offer by the time of their 2003 eponymous debut. What is easily discernible is that Client retain a strong penchant for the lost days of synth pop, when the likes of the first Human League albums were all the rage. Further inspirations according to Client B include "the decadent artists...Klimt, Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley." Their first single, "Price of Love," mimics the robotic, bloodless vibe of that era backed by an intensely catchy melody. A second single, "Rock and Roll Machine," attempts a less pop-oriented groove that focuses on the seedier side of their persona. Throughout 2003 the group performed live at a few select dates in Europe while also DJing classic electro tracks at various clubs in and around the U.K. In September of 2004 the duo returned with City. A third member, Client E, joined for the third album, Heartland. The album also marked a change of label, as it was released by Metropolis. Authority followed in 2014 and introduced a fourth member, Client N. ~ Joe Silva, Rovi