| @Christine077
CHRISTINE is a singer/songwriter of latin/us background, bicultural and bilingual, (English/Spanish). She has classical voice training plus dance, piano, and guitar. Since very small, she has been involved in diverse performances gaining experience as an artist.
Music has always been part of her life. She started singing at a very early age and has polished her talent with formal training and university studies in music.

Throughout her career, she has participated in many events and has received awards for best dancer, performer, and singer.
CHRISTINE also takes part in various forms of community service. She has recorded audio books for the blind and dyslexic at “learning ally” in Florida.
Currently, she is a spokesperson for Aldeas sos Ecuador. It is an organization that places orphans and displaced children in homes administered by this institution.
During her first media tour in Ecuador, she presented her promotional song “single” in English and herself as a bilingual artist. CHRISTINE was nominated for Best New Artist in their music awards held by Mis Bandas Nacionales (MBN) in January 2013. This was a very successful ending to the media tour.
Simultaneously, she began promoting her music in the United States. She was invited by Ultra Fiesta TV, Verizon FiOS Channel 1670 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the official video of the promotional song “Single” was placed in their rotating system. The program is transmitted throughout the States and primarily to Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Washington DC, & Tampa. She also participated in various events and concerts in Florida. Along with other young women who are positive leaders and successful at what they do, CHRISTINE was chosen to participate in an “online reality show” from College Talk TV – Smartte, a program concerning issues that affect young women in the usa. There have been a number of articles written on CHRISTINE and her music in California where she will be in a media tour after the release of her cd and tour in Ecuador.

CHRISTINE continues to reach the highest level of international quality in her music done with originality. Due to her charisma, creativity, and artistic experience, CHRISTINE releases officially her latest work "Ya No Tengo Miedo".