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Chris Staples is a singer and songwriter from Pensacola, Florida, currently the frontman and main musician for Discover America. Previously, he was the vocalist and guitarist of the indie rock band Twothirtyeight. One of the founding members in 1995, Staples stayed with the band until its split-up in April 2003, due to members' individual ambitions. He subsequently pursued a solo career, recording the acoustic albums Panama and Burned and Blistered. In 2004 Staples released Blackest Hair, Bluest Eyes on Makebreak Records, including recordings from his earlier releases and two additional songs. In 2005, Staples moved to Seattle, Washington and formed a separate project he called "Discover America". Psychology, the project's first album, was released on Tooth & Nail Records and was engineered, produced, and recorded in Staples' home studio. Discover America then independently released an untitled EP in 2007, followed by Songs for Sale, another EP released only on iTunes, in 2008. The project's second full length album, Future Paths, was released in 2010 by Lujo Records. Staples has also worked with several other bands in his home studio recording albums for bands such as Legends of Rodeo and Taken from You. On 17 April 2012, Staples announced via his official Facebook page that twothirtyeight would be reuniting to play the Deluna Festival in Pensacola, Florida, which will take place over 21-23 September. It is not yet known whether the show will be a one-off, or if it will be followed or preceded by any other shows or touring.

Source: Wikipedia

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