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Erasing any stereotypes for a white guy from Alabama, Chris Burke’s distinguished debut washes his smooth vocals in the seductive red-lights of neo-soul/pop while balancing a throwback to the Stax records style. Forcing yourself to stay still while listening would be like trying to refrain from joy riding a slick Shelby Cobra if you were to find it on a deserted street with the doors open and the keys in the ignition.

Proving he’s more than just easy on the eyes, his velvet range traverses from the randy falsetto of Robin Thicke to the classic security of Marvin Gaye with unbelievable ease. Chris defines that practice makes perfect as he has been stepping on stages since the age of 5 when he sang in church. “I realized that I could actually hit the notes that day in church,” recalls Chris. “Ever since then, my mom had me in piano lessons, which I hated, but when I started writing for this new album I sat in front of the keys and it just all came back. I had such a dislike for structure that I didn’t recognize how much I had absorbed back then until I started on this project.”

Chris, the youngest of three boys born in Vermont, spent most of his childhood in the Tar Heel state. Humble beginnings were never a set back as his family supplied an unwavering support system and, consequently, developed into a stream of success. “I remember losing Dad at 13 and there were times when you just don’t recognize how much one change can effect your life. I’d have to say my parents didn’t do too badly. Monte (oldest) is now a writer for Forbes. Justin (middle child) had dad’s financial mindset and went into the family business of loans and well then there’s me the musician. Well two out of three ain’t bad, right?” smirks Chris.

This 6’2” performer spent his childhood singing along to his favorite artists and burning through cassettes and CDs. Peter Gabriel, Roxette and Whitney Houston could be found blaring from his stereo speakers. His vocal talents were refined during his coed years at Emory College in Atlanta where he served as lead in the choir and continued to expand his progressions into songwriting. The capital of the dirty south would spring board him to the musical mecca that is Nashville where he continued to don stages around the city and released some indie projects with a fan base that spans all ages and races.

“Fans know that they are in for an evening or album of honest tunes that were created to inspire, penetrate your emotions, but most of all I want people to free their inhibitions and have a great time. Music and performance is an expression, and I have always treated it as a form of conversation between me and my audience.” Chris has carved out the best team and support on this album producing a final product that blurs any barriers one would find between an indie and label product. His musical cohort Michael Dale dropped the pop and rock ice cubes into Chris’s concoction of vintage soul and sultry R&B. Stay tuned as the music scene is about to purchase the assorted flavors of Chris Burke and he’ll have you grooving like one of his icons Michael Jackson --- “you gotta feel that heat and we can ride the boogie, share that beat of love.”